Why Join IHS?

Partner with the fastest growing residential roofing & exterior remodeling company in the country.

Saving Our Communities from Unscrupulous Contractors

Shared Benefits

Joining the IHS network means your company and brand will continue to grow while benefiting from best practice sharing. You’ll gain access to invaluable opportunities and assets such as our unique proprietary technology, bulk marketing buys, and increased purchasing power.

Improved Support

IHS provides unlimited operational support from their team of expert support staff. Partnered brands get assistance coordinating finances, systems, and administrative functions - easing the burden of managing your newly found, rapid growth.

Financial Opportunity

IHS gives partnered brands the opportunity to access liquidity while maintaining equity ownership for the executive team. All existing team members will maintain their ongoing employment and advancement opportunities while receiving increased benefits.

What Happens to my Brand, Employees, and Customers?

Nothing. Everything stays exactly the same. We value the reputation you’ve built, the employees you’ve hired, and the clientele you’ve achieved. The only changes you’ll see are increased benefits and opportunities for your employees and the continuation of best-in-class service for your customers.