IHS Home Builder

Fast, intuitive estimating and job management software.

Streamline Your Sales Process

Product presentation, quoting, and billing all done without a single sheet of paper. Our user-friendly home builder application was developed to help home remodeling companies improve the speed and quality of their sales process - and it does just that.

Close Better Leads, Faster

Handpick product specification and house measurements directly on your device. Within minutes you can present an accurate price estimate, turning a prospect into a sale. The slow home remodeling sales process is now faster than ever with IHS Home Builder.

Application Benefits

The IHS Home Builder app allows your sales team to effortlessly quote projects in the office, on the go, and on-site. Our application can handle quoting for roofing, siding, windows, gutters, insulation, and repair projects at the touch of a button.

The benefits don’t stop at quoting. Our app is capable of so much more:

  • Contracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Labor Bills
  • Integrations with Google, Zoho, Hover, and more

Join IHS for Unlimited Access

Partnering with IHS means you’ll have access to the best roofing and exteriors sales application on the market - an asset no other home remodeling company can replicate.

Save time, convert more leads, and grow your brand to a level you never thought possible.

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